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Seeking Sustainability and ESG?
Make It Real For Your Team

Ofrecemos a las organizaciones acceso al mercado líder de financiamiento verde en LATAM.

Las empresas utilizan el financiamiento ecológico y vinculado a ESG para mejorar la sostenibilidad y reducir los costos de capital.

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Second Party Opinions:

When issuing a green, social, sustainable, or sustainability-linked bond or loan, many issuers obtain a Second-Party Opinion (SPO) on their bond or loan framework from an independent external sustainability expert such as FreeWorld Finance.

An SPO provides potential investors with assurance that the bond or loan is aligned to accepted market principles (e.g. the Green Bond Principles, Sustainability Bond Guidelines, Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles, Green Loan Principles, Social Loan Principles, and Sustainability Linked Loan Principles)* as well as additional expectations from the investor community.



 Are the projects financed impactful and aligned with the categories outlined in the respective Principles?


Is there an internal process to ensure projects are selected as per the eligibility criteria in the framework?


Are the disbursements to green/social projects being tracked?


Does the issuer intend to disclose the allocation to and impact of the green/social projects financed (post-issuance)?

Business Meeting

Sustainable Finance

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1. Set Company Sustainability/GreenObjectives

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2. Apply for Financing on the FreeWorld Marketplace


3. Review Offers

& Choose Investors/Financiers


4. Improve ESG & Obtain Low-Interest Debt

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Folleto de servicios de sostenibilidad

Los servicios de sostenibilidad de FreeWorld ayudan a las empresas a tener éxito al guiarlas hacia un futuro sostenible.  


Comenzamos con el análisis del estado actual de una empresa, establecemos objetivos de sostenibilidad, implementamos planes de acción y monitoreamos las mejoras de la empresa.

Informes de sostenibilidad

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1. Set Company Sustainability Goals

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2. Monitor Sustainability Progress


3. Attract Customers & Investors with Sustainability Reporting

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Involucrar a los clientes con  Informes de sostenibilidad  

Aumente los márgenes utilizando finanzas sostenibles

Atraiga inversores con divulgaciones de ESG 

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